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April 10th, 5pm UTC
Free Workshop
by Tatiana Zaretskaya

How to Make
Your Text Sells  Effective

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This workshop
just for you

I don't know where to take clients...

I am a psychologist. At first there were clients, but the word of mouth doesn't work anymore, I have no clients and no money, and I am waiting for someone to recommend me.

I have a blog, but it doesn't bring in money...

I am a lawyer. I run my own blog on Instagram. I spend a lot of time on posts, I try to write interesting, but subscribers do not pay attention. Already do not know what to do.

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Let's figure out, what to do with all this

In this free webinar I will tell you how to activate your subscribers, so that they not only like and comment, but also buy.

Get Free Gift — checklist of «30 ideas for diverse content» for registering
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How my workshop can be useful
for you

Find out in 40 seconds from my video what the webinar will be about.
Иконка Глаз
You'll understand how to grab a subscriber's attention from the first line;
Иконка Монета
Learn how to create a desire to buy from you,
not your competitors;
Иконка сердца
Learn to write interesting texts to be read in the same breath.
Who hosts the workshop?

Tatiana Zaretskaya

  • A secular journalist from St. Petersburg;
  • She has been working in journalism since 2010;
  • Graduated in 2012 from the Faculty of Journalism of St. Petersburg State University (her second degree);
  • She has worked with Marie Claire, StarHit, Antenna - Telesem, the women's portal Woman's Day, and has collaborated with the Federal News Agency and Nevsky Novosti;
  • She was head of the creative department at the St. Petersburg TV channel LIFE78;
  • She has written more than 250 interviews and 3,000 articles.
Get Free Gift— checklist of «30 ideas for diverse content» for registering
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